For Research Assistants

Blood Withdrawal

The blood withdrawal course is designed for individuals who are currently employed as a Research Assistant in a non-diagnostic setting (19-4061). It serves as continuing education for individuals currently employed in medical research where obtaining human blood samples maybe included among other job duties. View our other web pages if you are interested in phlebotomy certification courses or additional phlebotomy related coursework.

The blood withdrawal course by PhlebotomyU is broken up into two sections.

4 Hour Blood Withdrawal Course


Theoretical review of human anatomy and physiology with emphasis on the blood and the circulatory systems. Special emphasis is placed on possible complications arising from human error when withdrawing blood and the proper responses to potential complications. This session ends with a detailed discussion of universal precautions. The emphasis here is placed on OSHA’s bloodborne pathogens standard that safeguards against the transmission of bloodborne diseases.


Practical coursework for hands-on experience to be used in research related occupations and studies. This is an introduction to state-of-the-art blood collecting devices and demonstrations of safe handling and proper techniques. Students are expected to participate in all laboratory demonstrations. Student participation affords the opportunity for licensed instructors to assess knowledge gained from the course.

Blood Withdrawal Course Completion

Successful participants are awarded a Certificate of Participation from PhlebotomyU, formerly Family Health Services San Diego, at the end of the blood withdrawal course. Already have your CPT I License or other another Phlebotomy Certification? View our Phlebotomist Jobs San Diego page for blood withdrawal and venipuncture related career resources.

Check out our course catalog for more details about our Blood Withdrawal Course.

Blood Withdrawal