Venipuncture Certification for Radiologic Technicians

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Safe Venipuncture Course

Certified radiologic technicians in California are require to take a 10-hour safe venipuncture training course in order to safely perform venipuncture for administer of contrast x-rays. We have developed a didactic course that is in compliance with the California Health and Safety Code 106985(b)(d) to allow radiologic technicians to perform venipuncture in California. The 10-hour course will cover the following topics in compliance with the California state department of Public Health:

  • Anatomy and physiology of venipuncture sites
  • Venipuncture instruments, IV solutions, and related equipment
  • Puncture techniques
  • Techniques of intravenous line establishment
  • Hazards and complications of venipuncture

In addition to the classroom portion of the course, students must perform ten (10) successful venipunctures under the direct supervision of a physician, registered nurse, or technologist holding an IV contrast certificate. Documentation of ten (10) successful venipunctures must be submitted to CSRT within 30 days of didactic training in order to validate the Certificate of Completion.

*Note: This is not a CPT I Phlebotomy Certification Course. View our other CPT1 course offerings to obtain your CPT1 license.

Prerequisite for the Venipuncture Course

This course is open to Certified Radiologic Technologists. Applicants must provider their current CRT or ARRT license number in order to register. Verification of CPR certification must also be brought to the course. California and out of state certifications accepted. Already certified? View our phlebotomist jobs page to see opportunities in San Diego as well as other career resources.

Safe Venipuncture Course Cost

Venipuncture course cost will be $275.00 covering tuition, registration and course materials. We have PhlebotomyU payment options available on our financial assistance page.