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We work with clinics, hospitals and labs across California to assist with career opportunities following the CPT1 course and externship. Our hiring partners include Sharp, Kaiser Permanente, UC San Diego, the VA, Scripps and Palomar to name a few. Many of these sites can help you find phlebotomy jobs in San Diego CA! Want to know how much money a phlebotomist makes? Click here for our piece on the average phlebotomy technician salary.

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  1. To draw and process blood from patients for lab testing so as to facilitate the doctor’s diagnosis and treatment. 
  2. To manage and maintain the lab so that it is safe, clean and OSHA compliant. 


  1. Blood draws done in such a way that the lab tests can be done accurately.
  2. Happy, well cared for patients. 
  3. Completed tests that are accurate and in alignment with what the doctor ordered.
  4. Accurately billed labs. 
  5. Patients who are on schedule for their labs.


  1. Blood draws that are accurately completed with proper paperwork, processing and shipping.
  2. Number of patients with overdue labs scheduled and arrived for their labs.


  1. Manage lab (maintain a safe, compliant and clean environment).
  2. Go through patient blood draw options and pricing with patients prior to their appointments, or at the end of their initial visit for the doctor.
  3. Prep and complete lab slips for shipping with blood samples.
  4. Draw, process, and ship blood for all labs as well as urine and saliva samples done in-office.
  5. Set up necessary lab pick-ups for the day.
  6. Draw blood, process, and prep for Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) procedures.
  7. Maintain stocked inventory of lab kits and supplies.
  8. Research new tests Doctors need.
  9. Set up new lab accounts as needed.
  10. Invoice blood draw patients – cash pay labs, specialized labs and collect payments.
  11. Audit/Track all “cash pay” lab invoices and reconcile against what we are charged by the lab to ensure accuracy of billing charges. Once invoicing is verified, invoice should be passed to bookkeeper to verify against the corresponding office credit card charges.
  12. Schedule blood draws and re-call patients who are overdue for lab work 
  13. Work with Medical Assistant to schedule Follow-ups – once ALL labs are all received if appointment isn’t already scheduled.
  14. Prep lab slips for patients to take or for them to be mailed.  Find draw sites for out of town patients.
  15. Mail out/email/fax lab slips to patients in need as well as special lab kits.
  16. Give any new labs (along with CPT or order codes) or any price changes for cash pay labs to Office Manager so they can be added into Quickbooks.
  17. Facilitate quarterly Truckee clinics.  (Remind Dr. Farnesi to contact Cathy Taylor to verify the space can be rented for the Truckee Clinic day desired at least 2 to 3 weeks in advance).
  18. Manage all lab slips and kits needed for Truckee patients.
  19. Manage all Truckee charts (copies for Truckee charts, keeping up with yearly follow-ups, tracking all cancer screening tests, paps, mammos, prostate checks) forms to be completed, prep charts prior to each visit, reconcile after each Truckee visit. 
  20. Verify all pending labs and special imaging orders are received for patients.
  21. Prep labs for doctor’s review prior to patient appointments. This includes writing in the “was” values of previous lab results that are abnormal or that the doctor is following. Calculating free and bioavailable testosterone levels. 
  22. Make copies of all labs for patients and email copy to patients that have phone or virtual follow ups 
  23. Change out full sharps containers and prep containers for quarterly pick-ups.
  24. Assist in any and all front/back office overflow and medical tasks.  All employees should be cross-trained to complete receptionist and medical assistant duties.

Call Us: 619-795-6700


MWIDM Inc. is looking to hire a certified phlebotomist. If interested then please send your resume to with a reachable phone number and the best time to call to discuss the job opening.

JOB TITLE: Certified Phlebotomist
LOCATION: La Jolla, CA 92037
DURATION: 03 Months
TIME: Evening (8 Hours) 17:00 1:00, Day (8 Hours) 12:00 20:30, Day (8 Hours) 7:00 15:30

•       Rotating weekends and holidays
•       Open to First time travelers
•       California CPT I Certificate NOT required.
•       Minimum of 2-3 years’ experience
•       Sample processing and accessioning
•       Proficiency with data entry
•       Familiarity with electronic health records and laboratory information systems for accessioning samples


Estudysite is looking to hire phlebotomists with prior experience. Prospective candidates can submit a resume to


Mobile Xpress Clinics drives to your workplace or community with all the gear and expertise to safely collect samples for COVID-19 screening. We deliver the results electronically as soon as they are ready. Searching for phlebotomists. Apply by sending resume, credentials and insurance information to Judy Muller-Cohn:


We are a local branch of a national healthcare company that seeks a California Licensed Phlebotomist or LVN w/ Blood withdrawal certification for a Mobile Medical Examiner position. We are the largest private paramedical company in the country and we conduct insurance exams all over San Diego County.


• Must have at least 1000 blood draws, dress professionally, and be prompt

• Must have your own transportation, a valid driver’s license and a minimum level of auto insurance must be maintained.

• Must have a cell phone, computer with high speed internet access and a fax machine.

• Flexible hours and good pay

• Weekends and evenings may be required 15-30 per exam, depending on services 

Apply by sending resume to



Guidelines for getting hired after your Certification

Resume Assistance

We have resume building tips and samples for phlebotomists, x-ray technicians and blood withdrawal research assistants to help you get employed. Many phlebotomist jobs require previous experience in addition to your CPT1 certification. Ask us how we can help!

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Work for PhlebotomyU

Phlebotomy Didactic Instructor

San Diego, CA

Seeking an experienced, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable Phlebotomy instructor for an established Phlebotomy Program.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Instruct students in all aspects of the Phlebotomy Technician scope of practice in accordance with state and CLSI standards.
  • Evaluate, report and record student performance and progress.
  • Prepare students in 40+ classroom hours to sit for the national exam and to begin practicing on live subjects
  • Assist students with understanding the values, attitudes, and ideals appropriate to the healthcare profession.
  • Serve as a professional role model for students.


  • Current California CPT license.
  • Must have 3 years of documented on-the-job phlebotomist experience within the last 5 years.
  • Must be proficient in all aspects of blood collection including capillary, syringe, vacutainer, and butterfly methods.
  • Must possess excellent communication skills, comfortable with speaking to large groups, multi-tasking and critical thinking.
  • Efficient with computers.
  • Organized and detail oriented.

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