Phlebotomy Full Course

Our Phlebotomy Full Course includes:

  • 20 hours of basic didactic  phlebotomy training (theory)
  • 20 hours of advanced didactic phlebotomy training (theory)
  • 40-60 hours of hands on classroom phlebotomy training
  • NCCT National Phlebotomy Certification Examination (on-site)
  • 40-120 externship hours with partnering clinic or hospital

Our nationally accredited phlebotomy curriculum covers basic theoretical topics like order of draw, anatomy and hospital processes. Once the base is covered, students gain hands-on experience, performing numerous blood draws, finger pricks and post-puncture care.

The phlebotomy training cost of the CPT 1 Full Course is $2,900 which includes almost everything you need in order to get nationally certified and become eligible to apply for a California CPT I license. It includes the cost of phlebotomy training, course materials, lab supplies, a Background Check and Drug Screen, the National Exam and the clinical internship. The only things not covered will be the cost of scrubs, which can be any color or have prints, BLS certification for Healthcare Providers, the cost of any immunizations or shots required to go on your clinical internship and the California state application fee.

Start your career in Phlebotomy with our course modules and Phlebotomy externship

The CPT I Certification Process

  • Enrollment Process
    Registration Form, Diploma or GED, Payment and Enrollment Agreement
  • Classroom - Didactic
    Basic (20 hours) & Advanced (20 hours)
  • Classroom: Practical
    In-class hands-on training (40-60 hours)
  • National Exam
    Minimum score of 70% to pass
  • Clinical Externship
    At affiliated hospital or clinic (40-120 hours)
  • National Certification
    Submit proof of externship and phlebotomy course completion to national agency
  • State License Application
    Submit completion of steps 2-5 to California Department of Public Health – Laboratory Field Services

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Phlebotomy Course Cost

Phlebotomy training cost of the Full Course:


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Phlebotomy Training

Apply for the Phlebotomy Full Course to Obtain Your CPT1 License

Course Requirements

To secure their place in a class students are required to: 
    Pass their background / drug screen.
    Hand in documentation of all immunizations required.
    Hand in Copy of high school or accredited college diploma or GED.
    Hand in BLS certification.
    Hand in Current resume.