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Phlebotomy License Renewal Steps

The CPT I License is the main requirement for becoming a practicing phlebotomist. Once certified, the CA phlebotomy certificate renewal must be done every two years using the CDPH license renewal process. The initial certified phlebotomy technician (CPT I) course can range from five weeks to 9 weeks and includes analytical subjects such as anatomy, order of draw, hospital techniques, and post puncture care. You may click here for a complete list of courses and cost information. In addition to the phlebotomy training, the cost also covers class materials, lab supplies, and the National Exam and the clinical internship. Drug screenings and background checks are also paid for. Financial aid is also available with several payment options being offered.

CPT I License Renewal Process

The CPT I phlebotomy license must be renewed every two years. This ensures that the professionals in the field are taking the initiative to stay informed of any and all updates pertaining to phlebotomy. Before a license can be renewed, certain requirements must be met. Those applying for renewal must already have either a limited phlebotomist technician certificate or a certified phlebotomist technician certificate. Keep in mind that meeting deadlines for certification renewal is crucial. This is discussed in detail under Late Renewals.

Approximately seventy-five days before the expiration of the CPT I license, notices are mailed out to certified phlebotomists for license renewal. Sixty days prior to expiration the license can be renewed. However, it must be renewed thirty days before expiration to avoid suspension.

Phlebotomy License Renewal Requirements

  1. Continuing Education with CPT Classes – Before applying for license renewal and two years before license expiration, six contact hours of ongoing education must be completed. This must be done at a CDPH credit approved school or agency. Copies of certificates or unofficial transcripts must accompany the application proving that the contact hours have been completed.
  2. Current Phlebotomist’s Information – It is the responsibility of each applicant to make sure that all their information is updated with any changes in name and/or address. This information should be reviewed prior to applying for renewal. A license or certificate number will also be needed. Go to the Laboratory Personnel License Search in case of a lost or forgotten license or certificate number.
  3. Completing the Online Application All applications must be completed online by going to the CDPH Certificates, Licenses, Permits and Registration Portal. First-time applicants will be required to set up an account with a user ID and a password. Once this has been completed, they can begin filling out the application to renew their phlebotomy license/certificate. Remember, proof of completion of six contact hours must accompany the application.
  4. Application and Renewal Fees – Whether the applicant is a limited phlebotomy technician or a certified phlebotomy technician, an introductory fee along with a renewal fee must be paid at the time of completion. The California phlebotomy license renewal fee is $100.00.

Approval and Receiving the Renewed License

Once the certification process has been completed and approved, applicants can print out their approval notice to serve as temporary proof of their certification. They can check the status of their application on a regular basis because the CDPH website updates every few days. Since hard copies of licenses are no longer mailed, applicants will need to print them out once their renewal has been approved. A PDF reader is required for printing and an applicant can print out as many copies as needed.

What Happens to Late CPT I Renewals

Getting the phlebotomy license renewed after it expires does not require the payment of a late charge for the Limited Phlebotomy Technicians or the Certified Phlebotomy Technicians. However, phlebotomists are not permitted to work while their license is expired and it may take longer to have your license reactivated. It is extremely important to get the CPT 1 renewal application done on time along with having the required contact hours of ongoing education.

Recap – The CPT License Renewal

Being a phlebotomist can be an exciting and rewarding career. You can start out with the basic beginning requirements or, if you have previous venipuncture experience, you can take the abbreviated course. There are also additional courses for those who want to advance their careers in phlebotomy. For more information on signing up for phlebotomy classes or help with renewing your license, be sure to contact PhlebotomyU. You can call, send an email and fill out a form to request course information. Don’t put it off. Your future in phlebotomy is waiting for you! 

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