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Summer Phlebotomy Courses are Easier Than You Think

Have you considered taking a phlebotomy course over the Summer? Many people think about it but are then intimidated by the perceived commitment it takes to go through a course and achieve NCCT phlebotomy certification. Did you know that a phlebotomy course could fill just one-third of your Summer? Let’s explore why Summer phlebotomy courses are easier than most people think.

How Easy are Summer Phlebotomy Courses?

First, let’s go over the prerequisites for taking Summer phlebotomy courses. Before you enroll in a CPT1 phlebotomy certification course, you must meet several requirements. You must be a high school graduate or have a GED, and you must be able to pass a basic reading comprehension test. Students are typically subjected to a basic background check and drug screen as well. All in all, eligibility for Summer phlebotomy courses isn’t very complicated.

Students actively participate in lectures, labs, and clinical settings in order to attain the knowledge and skills necessary to take and pass the national exam. Here are some basic phlebotomy principles that will be emphasized:

  • Blood withdrawal from veins
  • Order of draw
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Post-puncture care
  • Anti-contamination practices
  • Saf bio-hazard techniques

What is the Time and Effort Commitment?

 Summer Phlebotomy courses can be completed in as little as one month. Here is the breakdown of common Summer phlebotomy course hours:

  • Basic didactic phlebotomy training: 20 hours
  • Advanced didactic phlebotomy training: 20 hours
  • Interactive classroom phlebotomy training: 40-60 hours

A clinical externship is part of most Summer phlebotomy courses. Externships can last from 40 to 120 hours in a partnering clinic or hospital. After you’ve completed your hours and externship experience, then it’s time to take the NCCT phlebotomy exam. This test consists of 145 questions covering six main categories. Good news–while official NCCT certification is a highly esteemed accolade, it isn’t too hard to attain. The most recently reported passing rate was over 75% for first-time exam takers.

Where and When to Take Phlebotomy Courses Over Summer

Are you ready to earn national certification and jump into your phlebotomy career? PhlebotomyU offers the following 2019 Summer phlebotomy courses.

summer phlebotomy courses

PhlebotomyU Offers an Ideal Summer Phlebotomy Course

Hopefully we’ve provided enough evidence that Summer phlebotomy courses are not as difficult an undertaking as one might initially think. One month at PhlebotomyU is all it takes to attain NCCT certification. (plus your willingness to learn) Have questions regarding courses? Feel free to contact us. We hope to see you in the classroom this summer!

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