How to Register for PhlebotomyU’s Online Phlebotomy Course for California

For phlebotomists who want to work in California, it is not easy to receive these licenses while moving from out of state. PhlebotomyU designed our advanced online course for this sole purpose.

Order of Draw for Phlebotomy & Study Guide

Let’s break down the order by tube and color as well as explore some ways to easily memorize and retain for life! Here’s a useful study guide, mnemonic and color coded cheat sheet. Master the order of draw!

Phlebotomy Jobs: Research Study Assistant

Research study assistants primarily support the research team. While every discipline has research study assistants, phlebotomists utilize their skills in scientific and experimental research.

How Much Does a Phlebotomist Make?

Have you ever thought about a career in phlebotomy? You are not alone. If you are considering a career in phlebotomy, here is all the information you need to know about the training and salary.

Phlebotomy Jobs: Clinical Laboratory Technical Assistant (CLTA)

Many phlebotomists become clinical laboratory technical assistants (CLTA) after receiving their Certified Phlebotomy Technician certificate from an accredited phlebotomy school.

Is Phlebotomy Technician a Good Job?

Phlebotomy is a medical practice in which patients undergo venipuncture (blood draws) for clinical laboratory testing, revealing their health and wellness. Phlebotomy technicians, also known as phlebotomists, are the medical professionals who specialize in this field.

The 11 Most Common Blood Tests Performed by Phlebotomists

For annual check-ups, there are 11 common blood tests administered. These blood tests uncover a wealth of information about a patient’s health, providing insight into what medical conditions people may have or are predisposed to.

What is an Approved Phlebotomy School in California?

As an aspiring phlebotomist, it is critical to attend an approved phlebotomy school in California. When receiving medical training, any instruction should be advised by the state’s department of public health.

Top Vein Sites Used in Phlebotomy

Phlebotomy is the practice of drawing blood from patients to gather data about their health. As a phlebotomist, it is critical to know which vein sites offer stable flows for blood draws.

Phlebotomy: 5 Tips on Finding Difficult Veins

As a phlebotomist, ‘hard stick’ patients may be frustrating to handle. With PhlebotomyU’s five tips on finding problematic veins, this process can become much more manageable.