Why Drink Water Before Donating Blood?

When you lose fluids throughout the blood donation process, you can end up feeling dizzy because your blood pressure can drop. As around half of the blood that you donate is going to be made of water, it is important to be fully hydrated before you give blood.

How to Prevent Bruising During Blood Donation

Every phlebotomist must be prepared to deal with a variety of issues during blood donation, including bruising. As a patient, you might quickly become concerned about bruising that takes place after a blood draw.

What Federal Agency Regulates Phlebotomy Certifications?

Your first step in receiving certification is to check your eligibility. You need to see if you meet the requirements to take the NPA National Boards. Next, you should work hard to prepare for your Phlebotomy Exam.

What is Therapeutic Phlebotomy?

This procedure can be used to treat a wide variety of different conditions. Usually, it is completed to reduce the level of RBCs, allow transfusions of RBCs with normal levels of hemoglobin or reduce the iron overload that might be present in the bloodstream.

How Do You Become a Phlebotomist in California?

How can you become a phlebotomist in CA? The California Department of Public Health (CDPH). They help to oversee phlebotomists in the state to check that they are all working in the right way, and they oversee how phlebotomists get certified.

What Education Do You Need to Be a Phlebotomist?

The main role of phlebotomists is that they do blood work that is then used in laboratory testing, as well as for blood transfusions, including medical studies too.

Phlebotomy Procedure Step by Step

When practicing phlebotomy, medical professionals must have extreme caution. Not following the procedure correctly can result in invalid test results, injury, or death. To master this process, phlebotomists must be detail-oriented.

Should I take a Phlebotomy Class?

With the phlebotomist job market booming, it is not unwise to explore your options in becoming one. Are phlebotomy classes really worth it though? Let’s take a look at how strongly we recommend phlebotomy classes, what the courses consist of, and how to choose the program that best fits you.

What Does Venipuncture Mean?

If you are familiar with medical terminology, then you’ve likely heard of “venipuncture.” It plays a key role in the world of phlebotomy. Let’s take a closer look at what venipuncture truly means, the basic steps in the venipuncture process, common venipuncture equipment, and the various withdrawal sites.

How Much is Phlebotomy School in California

Future phlebotomists should attend postsecondary education to learn essential phlebotomy concepts and techniques. But how much is phlebotomy school in California? Let’s take a look.