Straight Needle vs Butterfly Needle

Selecting the right needle for blood collection is critical to achieving the best outcome. Errors that occur during the process of drawing and collecting blood can impact the result.

Where Can a Phlebotomist Work?

Phlebotomists play a critical role within the healthcare team. Their primary job is to collect blood samples, which are then analyzed in a laboratory or donated to another individual.

Blood Clot Myths

Blood clotting is essential to prevent excessive loss of blood, but clotting can also be a medical emergency. There is some confusion about clotting and it’s important to separate fact from common blood clot myths.

The Lifecycle of Human Blood Cells

The first phase in the lifecycle of a blood cell is called erythropoiesis. Erythropoiesis takes place primarily in your bone marrow, which produces red blood cells from stem cells.

The Most Common Types of Blood Tests

This post will help you learn about the most common types of blood tests and what they are used for, and when they should be done. Below you can find a complete list of various kinds of blood tests.

A Comprehensive Medical Needle History

Phlebotomy was first used and dates back to the ancient Egyptians, around 1000 BC. Back then it was best known as bloodletting. Some believed that it could not only help take away and out diseases and plagues or acne but also evil spirits.

Does the Color of Scrubs Matter?

When working in a hospital you’ll be required to wear scrubs as part of your uniform, depending on your job duties, department, and what you’re doing that day. Does the color of that uniform matter, though?

Why Drink Water Before Donating Blood?

When you lose fluids throughout the blood donation process, you can end up feeling dizzy because your blood pressure can drop. As around half of the blood that you donate is going to be made of water, it is important to be fully hydrated before you give blood.

How to Prevent Bruising During Blood Donation

Every phlebotomist must be prepared to deal with a variety of issues during blood donation, including bruising. As a patient, you might quickly become concerned about bruising that takes place after a blood draw.

What Federal Agency Regulates Phlebotomy Certifications?

Your first step in receiving certification is to check your eligibility. You need to see if you meet the requirements to take the NPA National Boards. Next, you should work hard to prepare for your Phlebotomy Exam.